Thursday, 29 October 2015

Short Poem on wellness - Vitamin L

Vitamin "L"

It all begins with God and nature when we are born , and bring to every face a smile,

As we grow and enjoy the world , sing and dance – classical or freestyle.

We forget and consume every grain  and drop, from a land that was fertile….

So many alphabets and numbers to play

Slowly getting lost in search of medicines and cures like a prey

If only we could remember that one alphabet which makes our day

That’s Vitamin “ L” – and what it stands for is -“Love and “Lifestyle”

Thursday, 22 October 2015

..And that’s what the journey of success is all about…

Don’t come in the way of your Own Success…Let your spirit Soar..

We all  want to be successful, however very often  we tend to get in the way of our own achievements. Genuine obstacles do come up and life does get in the way, but most of the time it’s our own thoughts preventing us..

Fear exists because out Dreams are not big enough  ;…the only way to overcome fear is Action…

 Three Biggest Blocks…Myths…bounding our existence..
  • Mistakes are bad.
  • There is only one right answer.
  • We are being judged for everything we do.
Nullify these limiting beliefs, and kickstart  unleashing all the  potential..and energy within…

Make mistakes – they are very often the starting point of unlimited creativity  ; Start anytime and anywhere – its always good to begin .

Celebrate your uniqueness…What’s the point of trying to fit in when the Universe is awaiting your command to realise your ambitions ; reach your Goals !

..And that’s what the journey of success is all about…