Thursday, 31 December 2015

A note on New Year Eve !

A Nail biting finish through the Year end ritual !

This one’s not going to be too long…I understand the excitement that’s brewing, now that 2016 is almost at our doorsteps.. , and we are earnestly looking forward to it.

It’s getting more and more intense and bit confusing too- what with so much readymade material from all disciplines be it neuroscience, psychology, life coaching, counselling, …name it and both print and social media alike - are booming with “Hit your sixes without a miss in 2016” type of products staring at us regularly – some even with money back guarantee ! All experts dishing out their best concoctions of what our resolutions should be and how to ensure time bound success!
In fact we all seem to be having more than our fare share of facts and advice oozing all around, and there seems to be a bigger task confronting us - of choosing the best out of them and not proving guilty at the end of 2016 of having remained where we always were!
Not surprising therefore that most of my friends approaching me these last few days are the ones quite at a loss defining their own resolutions figuring out what exactly should be at their radar now…– some of them getting bogged just so that we don’t miss the deadline as the clock keeps ticking , ushering in the New Year…
I couldn’t resist sharing my own ideas and hence this one for making it a bit easy and less nerve racking !

Each to his own, whether you make it a year end – year beginning or an all year round custom - defining your goals , defining your purpose is a wonderful thing to do.
I choose to talk around “Happiness “ – the all-encompassing evergreen quest of any average human! Hope that makes it simpler in formulating your own agenda .You have probably read a lot of stuff on the internet already about how to find happiness too, and you're still not jumping for joy.

I'm with you. I want answers .As I continually read and refer to enough of research articles on the subject myself and centre my work around it basis lot of feedback that I receive from the people I work with ; I have concluded that a lot of what all of us read about becoming happier - counting our blessings, gratitude, prayers, doing good for others... all those clich├ęs and traditional folk tale wisdom – are actually true , work for most and often confirmed by psychology as well.
However, the fact remains that not all of us follow through and there’s more that addresses the real issue. There can be no one size fits all formula and the best method is the one that clicks for you alone. Let me give a three pronged approach here.

a) First, there definitely is an area of your life that could use a boost, something that will move the needle and that's where to start. Here it is -
Asking Yourself and visualizing what makes you happiest,
- what could be your best version of yourself and articulating your Goals around it is definitely the best starting point. In fact research shows that thinking about your best possible self doesn't just clarify goals -- it can also make you happier just by thinking about it. However the catch here is, it may not be a lasting one because we eventually adapt and build habits.
Actually, our happiness really lies inside of us, and so people who aren't happy for example, at their current job probably won't be happy at their next job either. We carry ourselves - our own inner self - from one job to another. The fact is that most people are not really aware of the power of habits and a sensual adaptation. Researchers looked at people who suffered terrible accidents and ended up in wheelchairs. Eventually, they adapted and were happy again. But researchers also looked at lottery winners – people eventually adapted to that too ! We all start taking things for granted..
So now what !

b)Variety is the spice –New! Different! Surprising!
Habits are great for getting things done and they make our lives much more efficient. But because of our inherent tendency to adapt, habits can be a big problem for happiness -- you can get in a rut. But there's a solution- to get around this too – the solution is to get some variety and novelty in your strategy. Make sure you get to do new, different and surprising things and break the monotony, break the habit! While charting your action plan- try different angles …lest you settle in that comfort zone where nothing and no one really ever grows! Feeling stale in your study –go to the movies, cook some new dish. Get to learn new things – work out some surprises .Grab that special someone and maybe take Salsa lessons. Or go cycling.If gratitude isn't doing it anymore - try bit of indulging - the kind of things that can lead to more surprises, again in a positive way.
To beat laziness and complacence of routine, we need to keep things fresh.

c) And one more bit of a trick that definitely weaves magic! Ask yourself: "What would I do if this were my last year?"

When you feel like good things are going to end, it dramatically shifts your perspective. You take advantage of opportunities. You do the things you know you love. You get off the chair and see those people who mean so much to you. Answering this question has power and it gets you very close to what really matters to you! Maybe that trek you wanted to go…that house in the countryside you want to own..those promises you wanted to fulfill to your loved one. So ask the question -- and then do that stuff. It makes you become realistic about what you can get done by setting a realistic boundary!

Okay, so lots of stuff here and I don't want this to be yet another internet happiness list that doesn't produce results. Let's round this up into something you can use...while making your 2016 Happiness Resolutions - start by visualising your own Best Self , build in Variety and Surprise and last but not the least, revisit by asking yourself if this is what you intend to do if it were your last year ..and do that stuff !
Have a rocking New Year and just go for it and get it done this time… Remember Happiness is an Inside Job, and You have to find the strategy that works for you !
Thankyou for reading my post and I look forward to your comments !

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Let your genius work ....# daily dose of inspiration..

How often do we stop by and let our own talents and genius find wings ....! Many a time they remain dormant while we struggle to copy the world !
Very often we get so busy in the daily rut and busyness that we forget to acknowledge our own gifts ! However, the fact is, those who act from our own strengths and genius, success and happiness automatically makes way into their life.
Everyone is unique in their capabilities! Before we look for inspiration from others …,.lets look within and ignite our own inner spark ! Its always the perfect time !
Do the right thing…exercise your capacities and talents ! 
Don't let your Genius lie Idle , let it work for you ..the most expensive piece of equipment is the one not making any Money ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hold your own self high,......................#daily dose of inspiration !

We reflect to others  what we actually believe from within... ! Self confidence and true greatness cannot be feigned... however each one of us is a unique powerhouse of infinite potential ,...its all about   recognising our own resources and holding our own self high !
Hold yourself on the highest Stand ;If you want others to see greatness in you..first see that yourself !
Life Coach Namita Sinha

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Every New day .... # daily dose of inspiration !

All of us have the obligation of making a masterpiece of our own life!

"Every new day is another brush stroke on the canvas of life, make sure you give your Best !"

Life Coach Namita Sinha

Saturday, 5 December 2015

What the C-suite really needs !

What the C-suite really needs

When I came across this great quote from a great actor, my mind was instantly triggered to relate it to the lives of leaders and CEOs in an organization, who are not exactly famous or celebrities in their own right, but who by virtue of the influence , authority and power they wield , are many a time rendered devoid of an honest critical feedback about their own strengths and weaknesses. How difficult and lonely  it becomes to so often hear the “Yes” from most of their colleagues and teams , and to be subjected to only false praises, not being able to see through ,as to exactly what’s working and what’s not.

In fact this entire syndrome of many influential senior most leaders, the so called mighty occupants of the C-suite, especially in traditional companies nurturing their own flock of admirers, their indispensable left hands and right hands  only backfires, simply because this coterie most often only serves their own purpose of affording favors from the Boss by diplomatically flattering or boosting their ego and not really letting them see through their own flaws!

Few days back, I had invited a discussion on a favourite quote from Peter Drucker,

“While the leader of the past knew how to tell, the leader of the future will know how to ask.”

It attracted diverse views and it won’t be wrong to say that, while most leaders wish to play safe just telling others what to do, it pays well in the long run to pause and “ask”.
Ask others about what they have to say about the inputs coming in from their Boss!

Modern day leader is the one who inspires and motivates his team towards higher accomplishments- he values his own need to continuously learn and grow, he cannot be a person who feels threatened to receive harmless suggestion or critical opinion.

While it’s understandable for subordinates to feel reluctant at times in suggesting  that their emperor is wearing no clothes, it’s for the organization and for the leaders to have a circle of reliable critics who genuinely care for them and for the organisation’s wellbeing.

It’s not about a formal appraisal or a 360 degree performance review but a regular dialogue with someone who has the ability and who is well positioned to help leaders see both their strengths and weaknesses in the right light!  

Precisely, one of the sole reasons why any organization today would like to invest in hiring a Coach for their “ C -suite occupants : CEO, CFO, COO, Directors”, is to afford for them a person who helps them see for themselves ,the critical aspects of their own functioning, and helps them establish  an honest opinion about themselves - setting the tone for improvements on key areas.

It may take years of solid decision making to reach the boardroom, very often it only takes one bad decision to fall. In today's high-pressure environment, leaders need someone they can trust to tell the truth about their behaviour. And though many boards still do not find value in seeing feedback for performance improvement as important as other things, such as financial results, increasingly smart CEOs and progressive organizations now realize the value of a good CEO coach who enables constructive feedback in an atmosphere free from fears, and anxiety.

I wish to sum up by voicing another piece of ancient wisdom coming from none other than the great Indian poet and saint,  Kabir , translated here  in English – 

“Keep your critic close to you; give him shelter in your courtyard.
Without soap and water he cleanses your character”

Commentary - You get to know your fault if someone criticizes you, and you will have a chance to correct them. Listen to the criticism without annoyance, because the critic is not your enemy. He is helping you to clean the rubbish from your own life.