Sunday, 31 January 2016

Choose your destination ... #daily dose of inspiration !

You are either Going for your Dreams or giving  up ; stretching for who you were meant to be or settling for mediocrity! There is no in-between ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

Monday, 25 January 2016

Have enough Passion for what you truly desire !...daily dose of inspiration !

The Real Challenge is to Have so much Passion for certain things ;that it's no longer difficult to let go off the ones, for whom we don't have any ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

All that we need, Universe provides !

What we desire is not always, what we Get..But unknowingly many times we get things much more than what we Expect..
These are called “Blessings”!

Life is about making the Right choices !

One Life ..Just One ; It's not so much About winning or losing , as it is about choosing ! -
Life Coach Namita Sinha

Life is a journey of progression # daily dose of inspiration.

Life is a journey of progression, if ever you have to look back, let that be only to see how far you have come ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Happiness has to do with inner Self ! - #daily dose of inspiration

You carry your own inner self everywhere - everytime ; build passion, love and happiness where you exist in the present moment !
If you can find happiness, right where you are, there is nowhere else ever in the world , that it won't be there for You ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

Our inner Balance within # daily dose of inspiration

It's not about the weight of things; it's about are balance within ! - Life Coach Namita Sinha

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

..the Decision to Begin..#Daily dose of Inspiration

Every Achievement Starts with the Decision to Begin ..

Every achievement starts with the Decision to begin . - Life Coach Namita Sinha