Thursday, 28 May 2015

"Phool, ..Mogra Phool "

Just as there are some friends and beautiful people in our lives who never disappoint , always find time for us and keep spreading their fragrance,…so is the very friendly , beautiful and ever so sweet -smelling …mogra plant with its lovely flowers.

I have always had a connection with Mogra right from my childhood days when I used to have  a fancy for buying small garlands made of mogra from a  hawker who used to cycle down every evening  in our colony during summer ….. I can never forget the familiar voice of that boy shouting “Phool , mogra phool “…and me borrowing few coins from Mom and running down to buy 1 or 2…at 50 paise each.

I loved to keep them in water for at least a day till they had some life… I think this started when I was some 8-9 years old , and continued for quite many years till  we actually shifted out of that locality to another house… and I were well  into my teens by then….

The unforgettable fragrance has ever since been one of the highlights of my summer evenings .

To this day….I have somehow always managed to grab a cutting or carried the plant to whichever house I may have shifted, and it has never let me down, braved all weather conditions, yet never fails to bloom as sweet…,no exception this summer too …the fragrance is so divine pouring in from the balcony and freshening up my room and my spirits…in the otherwise hot evenings… I am glad :)

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