Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Life Coaching – indeed, a unique journey of Equals

Life Coaching – indeed, a unique journey of Equals

In my quest for continuous improvement  in my professional practice  , trying to better  myself on the principles and skills widely accepted to be the arsenal of a Life Coach,  I realized that  once we start coaching more and more people, we may  get to see a common pattern evolving and helping us  understand and assist people with their situations and journeys, yet it is so important to also acknowledge at the same time that every individual is unique with his or her unique context, and at no point should we rush to categorize or classify a person as per our professional experience .

We rather be prepared to risk a bit of failure  and be  confronted with some  surprise element or a ” What next.. “, at some junction rather than allowing  our subconscious to fit every living being and his situation  into the frame of some or the other past learning of ours.

To be a successful Coach , there exists  a dire need  to genuinely keep ourselves open to exploring a new life and a new mindset  everyday, and add to our own learning experience first , rather than feeling victorious that “Oh, I managed to figure my Client and trace him to that oft  repeated concept of Coaching that I have tested for so many…” 

Not to be judgmental at all, in the truest spirit  would mean totally disconnecting ourselves first from our own  past and present ,and delve into the client’s world as if discovering a totally new space each time..

Indeed  that’s one of  the reasons why we prefer Coaching to be separate from Counseling or any Therapy or Consulting,…it is definitely a journey of Equals , and there’s  lot more of Compassionate Listening and Absorbing  from the part of the Coach rather than ‘talking , suggesting or advising’, and rightfully it’s a process of supporting and helping the client himself find his unique solution !

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