Saturday, 16 September 2017

“The struggle is yours as much as the accolade !”- - A post with a short poem to inspire your brilliance !

The struggle is yours as much as the accolade !”

As I write this one, it’s more of a stop by for me, an urge to remind and be reminded myself,  once more in the midst of all the happenings, that while we keep on addressing umpteen ways of mastering new  skills to keep inching towards  success - be it at personal, professional or organisational level  -  the single most crucial aspect that really signifies getting on the accelerator and putting things into motion - " is in fact our ability to bounce back when things don't go our way, the ability to see the positive side and shift our focus to the next relevant task, the ability to feel gratitude for what we have and use our resources  to prepare for the next climb , the ability to see opportunities and possibilities even when there is  seeming dullness and darkness.., the ability to let go and know that still better lies ahead , the ability to know our own strengths and interests, and play from this position of maximizing our potential towards meaningful goals...

Resilience, then, very often defined as the "ability to bounce back after encountering difficulty," is the single key factor that sets the achievers apart from the rest.

Life presents hardships to everyone. What differentiates one from the other is how we respond. Not a single person who has made it to the top has had it rosy all the time, it has always been their ability to recover from adversities and persist on their path which has made all the difference. Some view difficult situations and setbacks as permanent and pervasive, and might then give up, while others see them as temporary and specific and as opportunities to learn and grow. Change and unexpected happenings too, are meant to occur in everyone’s life,  however they have in them seeds of immense possibilities…which needs to be unraveled.

How then do we pick up on this never-say-die attitude!

Building on one’s self awareness , emotional intelligence ,  developing a growth mindset and above all knowing one’s strengths, motivations and maximizing on potentials are all crucial touch points to help build on this skill.

“Know Your Why “- The bedrock is always about clarity - become clear and very precise about what you want , revisit your goals often to remind yourself where you’re going, and why ! At times of self doubt and despair, question yourself why did you come this far at the first place and what’s the point in giving up now?
- If you’ve gathered images of your goal, look at them often, just to remind you what you’re aiming for . Focus on that vision and feel the energy - continually reinforce your motivation.
-At the same time, become familiar - with the other side - what’s the little annoying thing or a bigger frustration that might see you throwing up your hands! Knowing your triggers, recognising the signs  of when do you start feeling  disappointment, and knowing exactly what fears and hold-backs may cause you  to get stuck…and then overcoming them, are all steps  towards helping you maintain your momentum even during tough times.

Sometimes one may need to reach outside of oneself to pull the best out. Support from

trusting friends, mentors and life coaches can help one see the big picture and identify 

areas which may have hitherto been kind of blind spots..

Whatever it takes, it is extremely important to keep our mind sharp and positive, and 

consistently display courage in the midst of uncertainty - to get back to doing what we 

have been doing, and keep moving ahead - the only strategy for living our best life.

Tough times may mean changing gears or applying brakes- but that should only be to further pick up speed as the journey goes on…
Make a new beginning today brimming with optimism, start writing your dreams in full detail, and be excited about what is yet to come..
Do visit the poetic lines in this post which serve as a reminder that “Life is beautiful and we better learn to get back up, every time we fall!”

The struggle is ours as much as the accolade !!
Thankyou for reading my post and I look forward to your comments !
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