Thursday, 7 December 2017

Dose of Inspiration ...Passion is overrated unless backed by incessant toil !

What really Matters !

While passion and knowing what you love to do is a good position to start from , anytime and everytime , it shall remain overrated unless backed by incessant action, toil, hunger to learn,  picking up on new skills , readiness to explore, to evolve and transform , being resilient of the pitfalls and so much more .. It’s about  being  excited about the daily commute and the bumpy ride as much as the ultimate destination !

We all have dreams and ambitions, and when one is in those phases of life where multiple choices and availability of options, -  quite a fad ;  endless advice – both asked for and many unsolicited, being showered from various corners, ;building and shattering of idols - an everyday phenomenon .., it could get a bit draining and chaos to pick up on focus  !
Yes, I am writing from a recent experience of having interacted with a bunch of talented college students enthusiastically chalking out a career plan…, !

And somewhere I felt, that as  Coaches  and Mentors,we need to redo certain basics for them - the positioning of  true passion and love for what you do needs to be amply supported with the need for respecting the journey and the efforts that need to go in managing  the mundane and the not so exciting …


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