Sunday, 7 January 2018

Success in partnership, relations, team building....Co-creativity is the essence !

Co-creation is the essence !
How do you & your team member / partner support each other in getting what each of you really want? "Foster a relation where the sum total of what is achieved together, is higher than what any one could have done alone on their own.." Let's look at both the sides.. If you are a 'leader' and genuinely wish to help your team achieve their goals , you must first help them align their individual goals to that of the team... ! Begin by finding the commons.. If you are a 'part of a team' and genuinely wish to be supported in achieving your individual aspirations as much as contribute to the team, you first need to be clear on your own goals! Begin by stating that explicitly.. There is a Coach in every Leader and Manager who can engage a team constructively , through such communication... It needs a bit of learning and conscious practice.. Holds true for all successful relationships , be it personal or professional..

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