Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Somethings that Matter - # understand others !

"As much effort as we put in wanting others to understand us, so  much if not more should go in us trying to  understand others , too ! - Success Coach Namita Sinha

And this is not so much for others’ , as it is for our own well being. Be it personal or professional relationships, when we are so focused on what and who we want to become we find ourselves not understanding why some people aren’t agreeing or appreciating what we are doing ; maybe we start hearing and listening  less from people that we used to…
We really want to be encouraged by those we think matter, so much that we sometimes lose sight of others and we lose sight of understanding why people behave and  things happen, the way they do. In order that we avoid the grave risk of  falling off track and disturbing ourself severely at mental and emotional level, we must acknowledge that times change and people change.  We need to understand that things aren’t always going to be like they were.  Once we pause and begin to understand others, it really puts things into perspective that one  can still maintain friendships and relationships …with less chaos and expectations; albeit  more joy, peace and harmony !
 Apply this to your own situation and relate it with your own relationship dynamics  be it with your family, friend, relative or at the workplace - with your boss, colleagues, clients, customers, suppliers…or whoever. At some point, it shall make sense , very much !

Dedicated to your success and happiness, - ”Somethings  that Matter” is a series of posts and quotes from me mentioning my thoughts and learnings towards personal and organisational behaviour , that may find a connect with you !

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